Corporate Membership

We recommend that you select your level of corporate membership based on your number of employees:

  • Silver: 1 to 9 employees / 1 card [$250]
  • Gold: 10 to 249 employees / 2 cards [$500]
  • Platinum: 250 to 4,999 employees / 4 cards [$1,500]
  • Diamond: 5,000+ employees / 8 cards [$2,500]

Why become a corporate member?

  1. Obtain 3 personal introductions from FACC Ohio to qualified contacts of your interest.
  2. List your company in our online membership directory and reach our network of local members, 4,000+ national members, and 30,000+ international members.
  3. Get recognition on the FACC-Ohio website and social media.
  4. Host J-1 visa and International Graduate Internship trainees or interns from France (or V.I.E. program) .
  5. Offer discounts and services to members through the Privileges Program.

Contact us if you want to discuss about your specific project and contacts needed in our network

Please email our Executive Director, Cedric Le Rouge, if you need an invoice and pay by check or credit card at 


  • Silver: 1-9 employees / 1 card [$250]     

  • Gold: 10-249 employees / 2 cards [$500]     

  • Platinum: 250-4,999 employees / 4 cards [$1,500]    

  • Diamond: 5,000 + employees / 8 cards [$2,500]     

Individual Membership

Why become an individual member?

  1. Expand your network and better understand international market differences (France, Europe, and the United States) 
  2. Meet French-speaking professionals and support the French American business community.
  3. Participate in our industry and support committees.
  4. Get special rates to all FACC-Ohio and partner events and benefit from the Privileges Program.
  5. Access the online membership directory, including the national FACC and international network.
  • Professional [$100] - yearly
  • Young Professional <35, Student, Educator [$50] - yearly


Please email Cedric Le Rouge if you need an invoice and pay by check or credit card at 

  • Professional : $100.00 USD - yearly     

  • Young Professional <35, Student, Educator:  $50.00 USD - yearly     

EVENT ATTENDANCE (kindly chose the corresponding option, if you need an invoice or want to pay by check, please contact, thank you)

For non Members the cost is USD25

For Members the cost is USD20

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