About us

Welcome to the FACC Ohio

The French American Chamber of Commerce of Ohio was founded in 1992.

The FACC is a non-profit, non-political organization whose mission is to encourage the trade of goods and services, promote investment, provide information for business expansion, coordinate the efforts of international agencies, and foster global understanding between France and Ohio. 

The FACC – Ohio operates through a 501(c)6 corporation. The FACC Ohio manages operations and stages events. It is supported by membership fees and event proceeds. 

Particular attention will be given to opening doors, establishing contacts, strengthening relationships, and facilitating business and economic development in the following industries and support activities: 

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food and Gastronomy
  • Health Care & Biotechnology
  • Culture & Education
  • Human Ressources

Additionally, the chamber is building and strengthening the relationship between Ohio and Rouen, Normandy, France, Cleveland’s sister city. Northern Ohio and the Rouen region have many similarities that provide numerous opportunities for innovation and growth.


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