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The goal is to list all information about French language in Ohio. This should be a resource for all interested in the topic: Francophone expats (parent and children), teachers, translators, schools, institutions use the French language for fun and work.

You can submit additional resources via email. 

  • Why learn French in Ohio?
  • Learn at schools
  • Learn for fun
  • Learn for work
  • Translation
  • French Material - Websites and resources


Why learn French in Ohio?


Ohio has over 45,000 speakers of French, French Creole, and Cajun French. (AATF)

Ohio ranks #9 in the country in terms of French ancestry population with 233,603 French people in the state representing 2% of the state’s population. (Census Bureau)

Sister Cities International (Ohio-France and Francophone World)

  • Cleveland - Rouen (Normandie)
  • Cincinnati - Nancy (Lorraine)
  • Montgomery - Neuilly-Plaisance (Ile-de-France)
  • Oakwood - Le Vésinet (Ile-de-France)
  • Outrement (Québec)




Economic Opportunities

The US-France economic partnership amounts to over $100 billion in trade of goods & services per year. The $2.8 billion in Ohio-France trade is primarily in Transportation equipment, Machinery, Metal Mfg, and Chemicals.

590,600 jobs have been created by French firms in the United States, including 18,300 in Ohio. There are over 70 French subsidiaries in Ohio.

The French Treasury in the U.S. publishes The French Economic Footprint in the U.S. on their website  and on Twitter @FRTreasury_US . Also, you can view the France-Ohio report PDF.  



Learn at School

How are French schools different?


Name and Programs:


Laurel School ~ Lyman Circle Campus Website 

  • Address: One Lyman Circle, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
  • Grade: K- High School


Ecole Kenwood Alternative Elementary School Website

  • Address: 3770 Shattuck Ave, Columbus, OH 43220
  • Phone: (614) 365-5502
  • District: Columbus Public Schools
  • Lowest grade: Kindergarten 


High Schools:

Shaker Heights: Website

  • Address: 15911 Aldersyde Drive, Shaker Heights, OH. 44120
  • Phone: 216-295-4200

Exchange Program with Lycée Flaubert, Rouen:

  • Going to Rouen Spring 2019
  • Hosting Student Fall 2019



Case Western University


Contact:  Cheryl Toman, Professor of French and Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies

Email: Cheryl.Toman(@) 
Phone: 216.368.2233



  • French for Specific Purposes (FOS, Français sur Objectifs Spécifiques, DFP Diplômes de Français Professionnel). 3 specialties: 
    • Business, 
    • Medical and Health, 
    • International Relations and Diplomacy

Contact: Fabienne Pizot-Haymore, Lecturer of French and Managing Director of the International French for Specific Purposes Exam Center

Email: Fabienne.Haymore(@) 
Phone: 216.513.8295


Student activities:



Ohio - Fisher College of Business 
Program: Spend four weeks on the Summer Exchange Program at one of our partner universities in Strasbourg, France- Ecole de Management Strasbourg. 



Learn for fun

Teachers and Tutors - contact information 

Associations and institutions:

La Maison Française de Cleveland
P.O. Box 606058, Cleveland, OH 44106
Tel (216) 283-1866
email: maisonfrancaise(@)
Contact: Doug Amberman and Nancy Conrady

French Alliance Columbus 
PO Box 4126 Dublin, OH 43016
email: info(@) 
Contact: Rodolphe Janet

Alliance Française de Cincinnati
P.O. Box 498936, Cincinnati OH 45249-8936
Tel (513) 389-9100

Alliance Française de Toledo
Common Space Center for Creativity, 1700 N. Reynolds Rd., Suite 102, Toledo, OH 43615
Tel (419) 537-9024
email: rouqu(@)
Contact: Lilliane Dockett

Ohio Foreign Language Association  
L'OFLA mission: Every Ohio student will be proficient in a second language, which is essential to a world-class education.
L'OFLA vision: The Ohio Foreign Language Association is committed to articulated, standards-based world language study beginning in the primary grades, so that every learner, from early childhood through adult, acquires a high level of communicative and intercultural competence.
Contact: Milton Alan Tuner

L'Ohio AATF mission: The purpose of this organization shall be to serve the interests and needs of teachers of French and the teaching of French at all levels of instruction, in both public and private schools, to stimulate professional growth, and to foster interest in French language, literatures, and cultures.
Social media: Facebook Page  
Contact: Nicole Hamlon

French Immersion Schools 


Learn French with hobbies (food, museum, zoo, music, choir) 


Learn French with sport (ballet, soccer, tennis) 


Travel etiquette (French, French Canadian, Belge, Swiss)


Learn for work

Training & coaching - contact information

Send us your information


Business etiquette (French, French Canadian, Belge, Swiss)

Send us your information


Professional translator and interpreter

Official and professional translators:

Trans Connect
Phone: (216) 896-0361
email: cynthia.hazelton(@) 
Contact: Cynthia Hazelton, J.D.

French Material - Websites and resources



  • J’accorde est le cahier d’exercices de grammaire française des élèves et des enseignants connectés, disponible sur tout navigateur.



Google Translate: Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text from one language into another.



List of references:

AATF Advocacy Fact pack for Ohio: Website and PDF 

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