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FACC Ohio Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation whose mission is to support educational and cultural initiatives of the FACC Ohio activities between France and Ohio. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: info(@)



(donations for the French Cultural Garden project are free of tax)

We are happy to announce that the International Cultural Gardens Federation assigned a place for the creation of a French Garden in Cleveland, that will be made in collaboration with the City of Rouen (Normandy) and the City of Cleveland Mayor's Office.

The Launching is scheduled in spring of 2020.

Because cultural gardens represent a place of memorial for the French community to get together, we need your support to make our project comes through. 

- we need funds for the design phase and the launching in 2020

- we need volunteers to maintain the garden 2 times a year. This is mandatory to get the project approved. Contact us if you are interested.

The funds will go to the Design phase  and the Launching in 2020 of our Cleveland French Cultural Garden which will be placed in a unique environment inside the International Cultural Gardens area in Cleveland.
Our initial design is a hexagon labyrinth made of bushes, with a nice path to take a walk, spaces to rest with wide wooden benches with the symbol of the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by fruit trees. 

It will be a memorial for our French Community and the main dates which marked the relationship between Cleveland and Normandy will be engraved on the pavement (our first cooperation, 1945 memorial, the 100th anniversary of Cleveland Clinic in 2021) 

If you like French Culture and want to be a part of our project, we invite you to donate:
$   250             sponsor a pavement             
$1,000            sponsor a line of pavements (name engraved)
$2,000            sponsor a bush
$3,000            sponsor a fruit tree
$5,000            sponsor a bench (name engraved)

Additionally, you will be invited to the inauguration of the French Cultural Garden.
Your donations are free of tax, you will receive a tax receipt of your donation (to receive it please write with your details at info(@)

Thank you very much for your contributions and support in advance! 
Please consider contacting Executive Director Cedric Le Rouge to learn more about volunteer opportunities and to participate in the Foundation
The French American Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Ohio

(FACC Ohio Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation whose mission is to support educational and cultural initiatives of the FACC Ohio activities between France and Ohio)

Cultural & Education Committee

The primary mission of the Cultural & Education Committee is to encourage, promote, and otherwise support the growth and development of educational initiatives focused on French-language-based and internationally oriented education. 

The Education Committee membership will be selected from individuals who have significant French-American cultural experiences and have a strong interest in education, including French teachers, French expatriates, and representatives of companies that are French or have significant interests and operations in France.

The Education Committee has active and prospective projects, including:

  • Promoting schools that including French education
  • Promoting French classes
  • French Education Guide


Cleveland-Rouen Sister City Exchanges

Since 2008, Cleveland has had a sister city relationship with Rouen. Since then, the FACC Ohio and City of Rouen have initiated multiple cultural exchanges, delegations, and economical development visits.

For the 10th anniversary in 2018, we planned two key events:

- In Cleveland, a Bastille Day celebration on July 14, 2018

- In Rouen, the 100th anniversary of the armistice of November 11, 1918. It was a ceasefire agreed upon during World War I between the Allies and Germany

We are thankful for your participation (volunteers and donations) that made these projects possible. We are planning new projects every year.

Please consider contacting Executive Director Cedric Le Rouge to learn more about volunteer opportunities and to participate.

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